Mewtwo is an enhanced clone of the legendary Pokemon, Mew. He first appeared in the film Pokemon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back. He was created on an island by a team of scientists working for Team Rocket. He became enraged that he was created as a tool for the organization and came to hate humans. It was not until the trainer, Ash Ketchum, sacrificed himself to save the Pokemon from destroy each other that hec ame to realize that he was wrong about the nature of humanity. He took his fellow Pokemon clones to a refuge to another place in hopes of seeking peace and find the meaning of his existence.

He is a psychic type Pokemon and communicates only through telepathy.

In Batthan's Ultimate Defender series he first appears in the episode, "Shadow World". He first appeared assissting the team in battling the minions of the voodoo sorcerer, Dr. Facilier and eventually, Dr. Facilier himself while saving his later fellow team member, Aqua from the Bokor's spell.