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Kidōmaru generally saw a battle as a game, and often played around with the opponent too much because he preferred to have fun seeing the opponent struggle; due to this, he tended to slow down his team by over extending the battle with an opponent he was interested in. His speech also reflected this when battling Neji Hyūga, he referred to Neji as a "minor character" and analysed his situation using typical gaming language such as "level" and "difficulty". Like the other members of the Sound Four, he is extremely arrogant with his opponents.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kidōmaru was a dark-skinned shinobi with black, shaggy hair, and black eyes. Uniquely, Kidōmaru also had six arms and wore a black, sleeveless top and shorts, over which he wore a tunic that bore

Kidōmaru (Full view)

the symbol of the Sound Four, and a purple rope-belt around his waist. He also wore the forehead protector of his village along with arm warmers, shinobi sandals and bandages around his legs. When under the influence of his cursed seal, the eye on his forehead that was usually closed and concealed under his forehead protector, opens. His skin also becomes noticeably darker, his canine teeth and fingernails elongate, he grows what appears to be a pair of horns, his irides turn black, and his hair becomes grey.


As stated by Orochimaru, Kidōmaru was the most intellectual member of the Sound Four which was witnessed in his fierce battle style and strategies. Kidōmaru was an excellent tactical analyser, capable of figuring out his enemy's weak point quickly and efficiently, though he tended to play with his enemies before he killed them.


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  • Ethan: Chain of the Past (Debut)


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