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He is usually polite to the other members of the Sound Four and dislikes it when Tayuya uses foul language or when she called him "fatso", and complained to her about it. Despite this, he was shown to insult his enemies, as shown when he proceeded to call Chōji Akimichi fat near-constantly during their battle. At first Jirōbō appeared as the silent yet slightly irritated member of the group; until the Sasuke Retrieval Arc in which he revealed an overly sarcastic and arrogant person. Like several other Sound Four, however, he had his own perception of morality, criticising Shikamaru for what he saw as giving up on Chōji and selling his teammates out, which led to his demise at the hands of an enraged Chōji. Jirōbō tends to get hungry at all times, and stays behind to feed, which leads to him slowing down the team.[2] Like the rest of the Sound Five, Jirōbō constantly referred to his enemies as "trash". He wasn't however above showing his idea of pity towards them as shown in his battle against Chōji. He was also described as rigid.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jirōbō was a large and imposing young man. Being the tallest member of Sound Four, he towered over the rest of his team-mates. He had orange eyes, and three tufts of orange hair on his head:

Jirōbō (Full view)

a mohawk of sorts that ran down the middle and two similar styled tufts of hair at the side. He wore a sleeveless tunic with the symbol of the Sound Four on the hem, along with black, arm-warmers, a pair of black, ¾ length pants that stopped just below his knees. Along with this, he wore sandals with leg warmers, covered by bandages, a purple robe belt around his waist, and a necklace that comprised of circular pieces separate long, metallic pieces. When he entered the first level of his cursed seal mode, his entire body would be covered by triangular markings, when he entered the second stage, his body would undergo a more dramatic change: his hair grew out into his back, his skin turned into a brown-reddish, colour and he gained what appeared to be warts all over his body — especially on his face and shoulders.


According to Orochimaru, he was the physically strongest member of the Sound Four but the weakest overall. According to the other members of the group, nevertheless, he was a formidable opponent. In the anime, another testament to his prowess was him being chosen for reincarnation by Kabuto Yakushi. Furthermore, Shikamaru stated that Jirōbō's prowess was easily at jōnin-level.


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  • Ethan: Chain of the Past (Debut)