Dr. Drakken is one of the main antagonists from the Disney Channel animated series, Kim Possible. He is a mad scientist and he comes up with various inventions in his evil plots. However, his plans are always stopped by Kim, Ron and Rufus. He is often seen with his openly sarcastic lackey, Shego. Despite being a mad scientist, he is a bumbler and an incompetent character. He also resorts to stealing other's inventions. This leaves Shego as the brains. It is revealed that he attended university with Kim's father. Concerning his family, he has a cousin who's a biker and he

Dr. Drakken

has a mother who is unaware of his supervillain activities and thinks he is a radio host, adding humor to the show. His actual name is Drew and he was once normal colored. How he turned blue and gained a "nasty" scar is a mystery.