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Aqua is one of the protagonists along with Ventus and Terra from the video game Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Her name means "water" in Latin. She is very skilled in terms of her use of magic.

Aqua is a keyblade master from other world called Land of Departure. She is apprenticed to Master Eraqus and was chosen to be the master after taking the Mark of the Warrior exam. She acts like a mother plus older sister to Ventus due to her compassion. She is also loyal to Master Eraqus and is focused on her missions.

She's also a member of Ultimate Defender and has a love interest with Ethan Tidwell. She appears to have a rivalry with Jill Valentine to win the half Saiyan Ultimate Lifeform's heart.

Physical appearanceEdit

Aqua's armor

Aqua's armor


Keyblade Glider (Aqua)

Aqua's Keyblade Glider